I finally made it to my aunt’s apartment yesterday to put her Christmas decorations away. I think I got the bad end of the deal, though. Our other relatives who put up all the decoration went Christmas-Crazy in November, and filled every flat surface with stuff, took down pictures from the walls and hung more stuff, and generally turned her apartment into a scene from a holiday version of The Hoarders.

But I was smiling as I went about the three-hour task of putting everything back into its little box, putting that in a bigger box, and finding room in her little closet for thirty boxes. It was good exercise. Sometimes a walk is nice, doing aerobics is fun, or lifting weights is rewarding. But the combination of spending time with my sweet little auntie while listening to her stories about each and every piece of holiday paraphernalia was truly wonderful.

What started out as a daunting task grew into a pleasure that provided me with an unexpected (and much needed) opportunity to exercise just a little bit more.

I will be looking for more such opportunities as a way to change my lifestyle by adding activities that will get me out of my writing chair.

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One comment to “Alternate Exercise – Look For It in Everything You Do”

  1. Jannine Gallant
    January 22nd, 2012 at 4:13 pm · Link

    Nice, Laura. I love listening to relative’s stories about old ornaments and other Christmas stuff. The exercise is an excellent side benefit!

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