No, this is not me – but some day soon…

I’m so excited. Just by following four of the five resolutions I made (number five doesn’t start until March) I dropped 3 ½ lbs this week. I know it’s that first week of losing water weight, and chances of this kind of loss are atypical (and not too healthy!) But I’m very excited, nonetheless.

True to my promise of allowing myself to shop when I reach my weekly goal of two pounds, I jumped online and ordered a pot of my favorite face cream. Gotta keep the skin tight!

This week’s focus for me is going to be exercise. I’m working my way through a set of self-defense cardio DVDs, and it was amazing for me to be able to do the intermediate class on Friday. I’m usually a beginner, and sometimes not even the full 40 minutes.

I’m also going to shimmy into my belly dancing outfit and shake my body around the room for a half hour a day. Assuming I’m completely alone in the house!

Hubby and I are going to take a walk tonight through the downtown skyways, and I’m looking forward to that. It’s always a good chance for us to catch up and reconnect. (Oh, exciting side-news: Hubby lost three pounds last week! It helps to do this together.

Have a healthy day,


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