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Get fit and get inspired with the second annual round of Romance Biggest Winner. In this program, authors and readers team up to encourage each other to make 2012 their healthiest year yet. Today Helen Seeley talks about what participants can expect and then we hear from several of the authors that will also be joining in the fun of the weight loss program’s second round.

Every year the number one resolution is to lose weight and get healthy. Gym memberships go up, attendance is high. By February thirty percent of the people who joined a gym are no longer going. By the end of February fifty percent of those who joined gyms and started diets have stopped altogether.

Romance Biggest Winner (RBW) is the romance community’s answer to getting fit and losing weight. What is Romance Biggest Winner? It’s The Biggest Loser only tweaked a bit. The goal is to lose weight and get healthy, only we don’t kick any one out for not losing. Nope we give books to the biggest weekly winners with a grand prize to the biggest author winner and biggest reader winner!

We are getting ready to launch the second round of RBW and calling on all the readers and authors to join us as we get fit and healthy. Here are the important details:

1. If you’re interested in joining us send us an email to be sure and tell us whether you are a reader or an author.

2. We start on March 1st and all fees are due by February 20th.

3. We will have personal trainers available.

4. You won’t be doing this alone you will have a group to lean on for support.

5. The best part is losing weight and getting healthy.

There are some things we are looking for. We are looking for authors who would be willing to be cheerleaders, fitness buddies, and to donate books. If you can do any of these things please email us at the same email address.

If anyone has any questions or want to join please email us here and check out our Facebook Page!

Helen Seeley

Now that you know how to join find out what inspires authors Noelle Pierce, Elise Rome, Nancy Gideon, Camryn Rhys, Laura Breck and Cat Johnson.

Noelle Pierce says, “Both my parents have been overweight for most of my life, and my poor eating habits led me in the same direction after I left college and began a sedentary lifestyle. Based on my family medical history, I’m at risk for all sorts of medical problems, like sleep apnea, hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. And all of these are potentially controlled by diet and exercise. Neither I wanted to change. The deciding factor was hearing my dad was in the hospital due to diabetes complications back in December 2010. I still struggle with getting my diet under control, but for the first time in my life, I’ve joined a gym and actually used the membership for the entire contracted year. My weight isn’t where I want it yet, but I’ve noticed differences in my endurance, my flexibility, and my overall energy.

Elise Rome says, “After watching the documentaries Forks Over Knives as well as Food Matters recently, my husband and I decided that we need to approach losing weight and getting healthy in a way that’s very different from the perspective we’ve had in the past. Instead of focusing on calories, we’re going to focus on nutrition —specifically, on eating more plant-based foods and less animal-based foods. This is huge for us, as we’re from the South where a meal just doesn’t seem complete without a hunk of beef taking up half the plate. But by focusing on food as something that can help us instead of something to constantly battle against, we’re confident that not only will the quality of our lives improve through feeling better and not getting sick as often, but that (along with regular exercise) the weight will come off as a result of this lifestyle change, too. The book I’m using for inspiration in RBW Round 2 is Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health by Stone, Campbell, and Esselstyn.”

Nancy Gideon was inspired to hit the gym after videotaping an interview to promote her book Bound by Moonlight at the Simon & Schuster offices in New York. “Nothing like seeing yourself on camera to make reality settle in! Working in my home office for twenty-five years and doubling full time as a legal assistant for eleven of them tends to make sedentary assets spread … if you know what I mean. Too much fiction and not enough fitness! I figured what kind of kick-butt romance heroine would I be if I didn’t get off mine and take control of my situation. Since accountability and competition are big motivators for me, the Romance Biggest Winner challenge is the perfect venue for me to get back in shape.”

Camryn Rhys says,Joining Romance Biggest Winner was always as much about the community as it was about anything else. One of the biggest keys to my weight-loss the first time around was a book called The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron. It encouraged my writing and walking daily, which was a huge part of my ability to get healthier. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose, but I know that the principles I learned in Julia Cameron’s book will be part of whatever success I have in the future.

Laura Breck says,I’ve been trying to modify my eating and exercise habits for many years. I have had successes, but the weight has always crept back up. Since the beginning of January, I’m trying something new. If you’ve read the book The Secret, you’ll understand how using motivational imagery and positive mantras can change the way we think about our lifestyles. I repeat the following phrase constantly during the day: “I am losing two pounds a week.” It’s simple yet strong, and it includes a realistic goal. For me, it works by affirming a multitude of positive things. It reminds me to eat right, reminds me to exercise and be active, and ultimately it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s working! I lost three pounds last week. Stay positive!”

Cat Johnson keeps it short and sweet saying, “As an authors I spend so much time working in front of a computer in solitary and stationary conditions, I thought participating in the Romance Biggest Winners program would solve two problems by 1) connecting me with the romance community and 2) inspiring me to make the time to get healthy.”

Feeling inspired? Get your new healthy lifestyle started by registering for Romance Biggest Winner right now. The program officially kicks off on February 20, so be sure to send out your registration email before that date!

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