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Here’s the first lines of the flash fiction story I did for Michel Prince’s blog:

“When I return to the sea this time,” Mikayla whispered against his lips. “I will not come back here again.”

He laced his hands in her hair to stare into her turquoise eyes. Brayden saw the love she would not profess, the desire they shared which only grew each time she left her mermaid form and became human. “I will not lose you. I can not let you go.” Panic rose and nearly choked him.

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This Labor Day Weekend, we decided to clean out all those mysterious boxes lurking in the back of the garage. We found a box I’d inherited, and in there were four beautiful bowls.

These were my grandfather’s. He worked on the Northern Pacific Railroad and somehow acquired them. The pattern is Garnet, and they’re evidently rather rare.

I spoke to a dealerĀ of railroad china, and he made me an impressive offer.

Now’s the difficult part. Decidions! Should we sell them, or do we keep them and hand them down to the kids. They’re so pretty, yet that amazing pricetag …

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