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Michel Prince has written an amazing book with a wonderful cast of characters. Her writing style is so easy to read and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series, The Beam and see what the author has in store!!”-YA Book Addict review on Amazon.


Remember the book that got you hooked on new series?  The characters drew you in and all you could think was what happens next.  Now do you remember your first kiss?  The rush of hormones as you try to remember how to breathe and stand, yep it’s a great …

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Here’s the first lines of the flash fiction story I did for Michel Prince’s blog:

“When I return to the sea this time,” Mikayla whispered against his lips. “I will not come back here again.”

He laced his hands in her hair to stare into her turquoise eyes. Brayden saw the love she would not profess, the desire they shared which only grew each time she left her mermaid form and became human. “I will not lose you. I can not let you go.” Panic rose and nearly choked him.

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